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Hoopclothes was founded in 2007. The mission was to bring together quality clothes that were perfect for all kinds of hooping, from fun fitness to hoopdance performance. Since then Hoopclothes has evolved, but is still dedicated to bringing you the best of independent styles. We've taken great care to select clothing perfect, not only hooping, but also for yoga, dance, flow arts, everyday casual wear and fabulous festival fashion.

Everything in the shop is designed by a talented group of women designers working in the US. These women have created clothing inspired by movers, dancers, artists and dreamers. Our designers understand what you are looking for in clothing - a dash of flair combined with quality and function.

 All of us are all within the circle. Individually we are all beings of light. Together we are as bright as the sun. 


Clothing Curator 

I came to hooping as a music lover. When I discovered what a powerful tool the hoop could be for musical expression I was hooked. 

As a hooper, an avid yoga practitioner and a dancer I'm aware that the clothes you live, play and work in also need to be clothes you can move in with ease. You just never know when you might get an itch to hoop it out, boogie down or run through a few sun salutations.